Operation Theater - Ravindra Hospital
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Operation Theater

Advance Operation Theater in Panipat

Operation Theater


An Operation Theater is the “heart” of any major surgical hospital.  Efforts at Ravindra Hospital are directed to maintain vital functions, prevent infections / promote healing with safety, comfort, and economy.


Staffed with experienced Anaesthesiologists who by virtue of their knowledge of the intricacies of physiology, physics and bio­medical aspects of medicine and constant proximity to the operation theatre have been involved from the early stages of planning of operating theatres and inpatient care.


The operation theatre is also equipped with most modern surgical and anaesthetic equipment like HD laparoscopic unit, Multifunctional High end Fluoroscopy Unit State of art ventilators, Electrosurgical Unit, Harmonic Generator, Syringe Pumps, Monitors and Defibrillators.